Exterior Patio Roll Shade Screens - 99" Drop
Exterior Patio Roll Shade Screens - 99' Drop

Exterior Patio Roll Shade Screens - 99" Drop

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How to Measure & Install Roller Shade Roll Screens: This video Explains how to measure and install Roller Shade Screens. The video explains how to measure and install for inside and outside mounting, it covers the full spectrum for all possible roll shade installations.

To tie down our exterior roll shades, we include tie down bungees and wall hooks.
Height (length): The height length for this Exterior Patio Roller Shade Screen is 99".  This roll up shade screen will drop to 99".  The reason you would need a roll shade like this to drop to 99" would be if your patio's ceiling height exceeded the normal 8' height. Ball stops are included with the roll shade kit so that you can put the ball stop on the pull chain to set an exact length. Meaning once you roll down the shade to the desired length, you attach the ball stop on the chain so that when rolled down from that point forward, it will stop at that exact length every time. This is crucial to using the bungee cord tie down system. This roll shade option can be set to extend all the way down to 99" or at any other shorter height.  Keep in mind, patio roll shades DO NOT need to drop to the floor.  Dropping them to 20-30" up from the floor is sufficient.


Sun Control Patio roller shade fabric options
These are our color and density options that we can build our Sun Control Patio Roller Shades out of.