Sliding Door Screen, 80% Solar Screen Fabric
Sliding Door Screen, 80% Solar Screen Fabric

Sliding Door Screen, 80% Solar Screen Fabric

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80% Sliding Door Solar Screen using 1/2" x 1-5/8" Framing :
Sliding Door Screens are measured using two measurements, a width and height. This sliding door solar screen is made out of the 80% fabric, we recommend the 80% fabric for all doors that get 4 hours or less of sun. We recommend the 90% fabric for doors that get 4 hours or more of sun, generally those doors that face the West. This sliding door is very heavy duty, it is made of the 1/2" x 1-5/8" wide Aluminum framing.  This door is likely a much higher grade than what would have come from the sliding door originally from the manufacturer. 


How to Measure & Install for a Sliding Solar Screen Door and a Fixed Solar Screen Pocket Door: When you install a new sliding door screen made out the solar screen fabric, you will likely want to cover up the non-opening portion of that sliding door as well, therefore you will want a sliding solar screen door and a pocket for the sliding solar screen door to slide behind. This thorough measure and installation video will in detail explain how to measure and install for a sliding door screen and a fixed pocket screen.